Please submit your workshop paper by following the submission guidelines of VINCI for short papers (4 pages limit). The workshop paper submission deadline is on 07/26/2021. Early work and prototypes are welcome!

h2-logoVCI Workshop

Workshop on Visual Communication in and for the Industry

The industry produces a wealth of data sources in our modern days, demanding for advanced techniques and technologies from the fields of computer and data science, visual analytics, and human-computer interaction in combination. In particular, aspects from interactive visualizations are crucial ingredients in this whole data exploration process to visually communicate the results of a data analysis. Although the field has progressed a lot in the past, there are still lots of challenges worth discussing which mostly hinder the use, application, or acceptance of visualizations in industry as a way to communicate between researchers and industrial partners in a collaborative and cooperative way. The goal of this workshop is to build a community to discuss such issues and to try to find solutions that help to prevent such issues in the future.

The relevant topics for this workshop are:

  • Visualization techniques for the industry
  • Interaction concepts for the industry
  • Challenges in the visual communication/collaboration/cooperation
  • User studies and evaluations relevant for the industry
  • Application examples for the industry
  • Negative results of visual concepts in the industry
  • Data science concepts with focus on visual communication in the industry
  • Feedback from industrial partners based on visual results

Paper Chairs:

Heiko Rölke and Michael Burch, University of Applied Sciences, Chur, Switzerland

h2-logo3DIVC Workshop

Workshop on 3D Interaction for Visual Communication

Today's visualizations are generally expected to provide some degree of interactivity. Interaction is the key ingredient that enables exploration of otherwise static images and is a driving force for advances in real-time computer graphics as well. The combination of interaction and real-time rendering has fundamentally changed the understanding of visual information communication.

For several decades we have become familiar with 2D user interfaces and with it, 2D visualizations and interactions. With recent advances in, e.g., GPUs and touch-based devices, minification of sensors, gaze-tracking, gesture-detection, and many more, we have been introduced to more advanced, yet more complicated, metaphors for 3D interactions (e.g., navigating in 3D cartography or walking immersive VR environments).

This allowed for many immersive and powerful applications, but also increased the number of possibilities for and complexity of 3D interactions for visual communication. With a dedicated focus on 3D, this workshop aims to explore state-of-the-art, to investigate current challenges and potential solutions, to identify new research questions, and to give a perspective on interesting use cases.

The relevant topics for this workshop are:

  • Metaphors and techniques for navigation in 3D visualizations and 3D environments
  • Evaluation of existing interaction concepts, techniques, and applications
  • Navigation on touch-based devices (small and large screens) in virtual 3D environments
  • Collaborative interaction design in 3D visualizations
  • User-interface design for 3D visualizations
  • Guidelines and best-practices for interaction in 3D
  • Frameworks for 3D interaction techniques (event-handling, gesture-detection, state-handling, etc.)
  • Interplay of interaction and visual feedback
  • Interaction aids and gizmos in 3D
  • Techniques for interaction in immersive environments
  • Integration of gaze-based interaction concepts
  • Utilization of existing peripherals for 3D interaction
  • Rendering techniques for aiding object identification

Paper Chair:

Matthias Trapp and Daniel Limberger, Hasso Plattner Institute, University of Potsdam, Germany

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