Keynote Speakers


Professor Peter Eades

University of Sydney


BIO: Professor Peter Eades is a leading researcher in the area of diagram layout and aesthetics. Peter has invented many novel and well-used algorithms for complex diagramatic representation, particularly graph drawing. Peter has studied many aspects of graph layout from both mathematical underpinnings to layout and appearance aesthetics to diverse applications of graph drawing. Peter also has interests in various human-centric approaches to interaction with complex computing systems, including ambient and large screen displays.

Professor Bruce Thomas

University of South Australia


BIO: Professor Thomas is the current the Deputy Director of the Advanced Computing Research Centre, Director of the Mawson Institute SAR Visualisation Lab, and Director of the Wearable Computer Laboratory at the University of South Australia. He is currently a NICTA Fellow, Senior Member of the ACM, and visiting Scholar with the Human Interaction Technology Laboratory, University of Washington. His current research interests include: wearable computers, user interfaces, augmented reality, virtual reality, CSCW, and tabletop display interfaces.

ProfessorThomas' academic qualifications include the following:

1) B.A. in Physics, George Washington University;

2) M.S. in Computer Science, University of Virginia with a thesis titled:  Pipeline Pyramids in Dynamic Scenes; and

3) Ph.D. in Computer Science, Flinders University with a thesis titled: Animating Direct Manipulation in Human Computer Interfaces

His experience includes working at the School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, University of South Australia since 1990. He has run his own computer consultancy company. He was a Computer Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (A major US government laboratory for the Department of Commerce.), and a software engineer for the Computer Sciences Corporation and the General Electric Company.

Dr. Helen Purchase   

University of Glasgow


BIO: Dr Helen Purchase is Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. She has worked in the area of empirical studies of graph layout for nearly 20 years, and also has research interests in visual aesthetics, task-based empirical design, collaborative learning in higher education, and sketch tools for design. She has recently published a practical guide to empirical studies entitled "Experimental Human Computer Interaction" (Cambridge University Press).